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Per Meistrup Productions Co. is music publisher and master-recording rights owner, fully integrated in and owned by PMP Group Nordic ApS, Danish registration number 15004347.


Per Meistrup started his personal business in 1976 and entered as partner in Recording Operation Company I/S that opened the first 24-track recording studio in Denmark, situated in an old refurbished stable-building at Artillerivej on Amager in Copenhagen, close to the SAS Radisson Hotel.

The recording studio building in Copenhagen.

Inside the recording studio on 2nd floor

Per Meistrup Productions Company was founded as a limited partnership in 1979, which was the same year that Per Meistrup bought the partners out of the recording studio and changed its name to PMP Studios, and also began manufacturing and release of records and tapes.

Sound engineer Hans Jørgen Manscher in the studio (left) – A sales display with budget-price musicassettes (center) – Producer Per Meistrup and author Eigil Hall prepares a production for children (right).

Also in 1979, the company bought the gramophone pressing equipment from United Records, the last operating Danish vinyl-pressing plant. By that time the company had a 24-track recording studio, 16:1 high-speed cassette duplication with 10-slaves, and three vinyl pressing machines.

Engineer Tony Waldron loads tape on the high speed loop-bin cassette-duplicator.

From left: ½" loop-bin mastering, loading a cassette-tape winder, cassette label printing, and vinyl record pressing.

Furthermore, the company had its own music publishing PMP Music, and the record labels Ra Records – named after the Egyptian Sun-god – Danish Music Production, and budget-line Gold Label Records & Tapes. The labels included a variety of styles such as big bands, cover versions, folk music, jazz, pop, rock, and also various productions for children.

Record labels

In 1981 the company moved out of Copenhagen to a new building at the industrial area in Karlslunde, 25 kilometres south of the capital. The recording studio were now mainly used for releases on own labels.

Producer Per Meistrup with Arne Astrup and his Small Band (left) – Sound engineer & producer Kim Wilde considers next take (center) – Producer Per Meistrup in the studio (right).

The business expanded over the next years with agencies and distribution of professional audio equipment from a number of major suppliers, including Tannoy studio monitors and Turbosound PA-systems, furthermore Audio-Technica microphones, Studio Master amplifiers and mixing consoles, and Fidelipac–Dynamax broadcast equipment, to name some.

From a music exhibition in Herning with a sound proof demo-room with Tannoy studio-monitors and Turbosound PA-speakers inside the sound booth.

By 1990 the recording studio was converted to a broadcast facility, with the remaining activities being audio equipment distribution, blank cassette tapes and high-quality cassette duplication.

Tannoy advert (left) – Mastertape cassettes (center) – Turbosound advert (right).

In 1991 the company moved to Karlstrup. By that time Oram Audio mixing consoles were added to the audio distribution. Since 1991 Per Meistrup Productions Co. were fully owned by Eurosound Aps, from 2003 renamed PMP Group Nordic ApS.

The industrial wing at the farm Evashøj in Karlstrup (left) and inside the office (right).

By the millennium a new era began when the company entered into compact disc in-house duplication, and CD replication in co-operation with NordDisc, a business that expanded to also include DVDs. During the early years of the new millennium the tape-cassette manufacture and agencies for distribution of audio equipment ceased.

Disc duplication (left) – Fully automated clean-room disc replication (center) – Video & DVD editing (right).

At end of 2005 the Disc duplication and replication became separated into an independent firm and moved to Allerød north of Copenhagen, while the ongoing business became the master-rights and music publishing.

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