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Atilla Engin

Press material

Jpeg-photos 300-600 dpi, click toopen in browser and save, or right-click to download.

Atilla Engin (1986) 1.7 MB

Atilla Engin Group (1986) 1.5 MB

Atilla Engin (1985), 1.7MB

DMLP-510 Front Sleeve, Marmaris Love (album) 1.8 MB

Atilla Engin (1985, Photo Marmaris Love album) 1.1 MB

DMLP-510 Inner Sleeve, Marmaris Love (album) 1.5 MB

DMLP-510 Back Sleeve, Marmaris Love (album) 1.5 MB

Atilla Engin Group (1984) 2.1 MB

Atilla Engin (1984) 1.7 MB

Atilla Engin (1984) 1.2 MB

"Osman Brothers", Okay Temiz & Atilla Engin & Mehmet Ozan (from DMLP-506 back sleeve, 1984) 2.2 MB

Okay Temiz & Atilla Engin(1984) 2.5 MB

Additional web-size only photos about Atilla Engin

Tyrkis, Denmark (1984-1988) 969x723, 246 KB

New World Orchestra, USA (mid 1990ies) 969x723, 246 KB

Atilla Engin in New Jersey, USA (early 1990ies) 705x960, 307 KB

The Istanbul Orchestra, USA (2001) 720x607, 287 KB

Brazil World Orchestra, Brazil (ca. 2006) 960x682, 308 KB

Sheet music, Turkish Showbiz (PDF)

Danish language material from archieves

Baggrunds information om Atilla Engin (Wikipedia)

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